Welcome to Island Automotive

12299222_1115002038512347_2358829536571278395_nIsland Automotive is an independent garage positioned in the center of Newport on the Isle of Wight.
With 30 years experience in the business, we cater for all makes and models of vehicles and bikes.

Here at Island Automotive we are also Volkswagen specialist’s, from air cooled beetles to the VW Transporter, VW Golf, Polo, Passat, Tiguan and many more, as well as the entire VAG Group of Audi, Seat and Skoda.

If you are looking to have your car serviced, repaired, tyres changed, welded or upgraded we can work to your budget and time frame.

Is your car due an MOT?

bring your car into us for a pre MOT check and we can help you to get your MOT test certificate and your car or bike.


Call Dean or Gary now on 01983 525025 to make a booking or for some advice

Latest News

A customer came into us today with his diesel car, it had been randomly cutting out over the last few weeks and  had eventually broken down. After checking all the vitals with no problems we decided to drop the tank out and check the fuel sender unit. It was full of algae and had blocked
Today we had a customer come in with excessive black smoke and a running fault on his Vito. After investigation we found the egr vavle to be clogged up. The valve was removed cleaned and re-fitted, she’s running sweet now and as clean as a whistle 🙂
After investigating for a non start problem we found the timing chain had  broken. TThe head was removed and we found the valves had made contact with the pistons and broken the crown. This is what can happen if you miss your cam belt/timing chain intervals.